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018 Grains from Gutteridge – The Wise But Unfaithful Steward

Show Notes for Grains from Gutteridge Podcast Episode #18:
The Wise But Unfaithful Steward

Scripture Reading:

Luke 16:1-13


God has always put His work out to the care of stewards. In the past, “Sons of God” came to report to Him at intervals (Job 1:6, etc.). Some have been unfaithful. In the present, God has His faithful and unfaithful servants who have the choice of far greater service in the everlasting future. In this parable, the unfaithful but repentant steward was forgiven and restored; the unrepentant steward was punished. In this message, the true meaning of the difficult passage of Scripture concerning making “friends through the mammon of unrighteousness” is made clear.

Other Scriptures Cited:

  • Luke 15
  • Luke 16:19-31
  • Romans 11:25 (fullness of the Gentiles)
  • Genesis 1:22, 28; 9:1, 7


Hymns and Poems Cited:


We thank Fellowship member Brian Fettes for providing the digitization of the original cassette tape through the services of Audioanalogy Musicworks of Canada.

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