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020 Grains from Gutteridge – The Vineyard Parables

Show Notes for Grains from Gutteridge Podcast Episode #20:
The Vineyard Parables, a message by Rev. Percy Gutteridge

Detail from a photo by Jim Kerwin taken in Pe?tere, Constantin Davaciu, Caransebe?, Romania.“Go and work in My vineyard.”

Scripture Readings:

Matthew 21:28-32
Matthew 20:1-16
Matthew 20:20-28


Jesus taught us both the parable of the vineyard and the servants and the parable of the vineyard and the sons. One of the revealed truths in Scripture is the difference that the Lord makes between Servants and Sons. The exposition of these two parables brings out the difference clearly; although they share the same eternal life, they differ in character and responsibility.

Other Scriptures Cited:

  • “The Kingdom of Heaven Is Like” passages:
    • Matthew 13:24-30
    • Matthew 13:33
    • Matthew 13:44
    • Matthew 13:45-46
    • Matthew 13:47-51
    • Matthew 13:52
    • Matthew 20:1-16 (as above)
    • Matthew 22:1-14
  • Matthew 5
  • Matthew 6
  • Matthew 7
  • John 14:3
  • Acts 7:54-60
  • Luke 23:39-43
  • John 2:25
  • Matthew 22:14
  • Revelation 4:10-11
  • John 14:2 (“mansions” in KJV)
  • Matthew 19:21; Mark 10:21; Luke 18:22


Hymns and Poems Cited:

Give the First to Jesus


We thank Fellowship member Brian Fettes for providing the digitization of the original cassette tape through the services of Audioanalogy Musicworks of Canada.

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Credits: Podcast theme music: “Steam Train” from the John Williams album Dusty Porch, under license from Magnatune.com.
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