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021 Kernels of Wheat — Does God Hate Socks?

Show Notes by Jim Kerwin for Kernels of Wheat Podcast
Episode 021 — Does God Hate Socks?

Picture of discarded socks and shoesNo, God doesn’t hate socks,
but He has been blessing our socks off lately!

Because it’s been so long since our last podcast in our continuing study through 1 John, I thought it would be appropriate to give our listeners a rundown (all-too-brief and incomplete) of my missions trip to Guatemala and my ministry trip to Iowa.  I’ve been busy — flying 3,800 miles round trip to Guatemala, driving 4,000 miles (Florida and Iowa) — and this week’s trip to Costa Rica (another 4,300 miles) hasn’t even begun (although all the teaching materials are ready and delivered).

The last few months have become a kaleidoscope of memories:

  • working hard at improving my limited Spanish
  • teaching a small group of precious believers in a home lit by two bare bulbs hanging from the ceiling
  • preaching at a church anniversary, and later the same day sharing the Gospel and seeing a rescued woman take her final step to public declaration of faith in Jesus when the invitation was given
  • working in harness with my translators, Dr. Gladys de Chávez, Jorge Torres, and Pastor Lilian de Chávez (many thanks to them for their labor of love)
  • Sharing precious times of fellowship around family meal tables (which also serve as homework centers and the household Internet nexus)
  • Talking about the things of God with dedicated leaders like Atilio Chávez, Jorge Pérez, Fermin Chávez, and Jorge Cerritos (the latter of Iglesia Ciudad de Refugio [City of Refuge Church])
  • Teaching forty active, hungry, eager pastors and an equal number of wives and up-and-coming church leaders
  • Discovering that since my last visit the forty pastors have been committed to reading through the Bible yearly, cover to cover
  • Seeing the impact of our Woman in the Kingdom of God series (perhaps our next podcast theme after we finish 1 John)
  • The fun of introducing and modeling the concept of a “children’s sermon” during the normal Sunday-morning worship service
  • Enjoying the gracious hospitality of two families and three churches
  • Two long days of driving to Iowa, savoring the time to be quiet with the Lord, unwind, and reflect, and to prepare my heart for the coming week
  • The ease with which the Lord helped me to focus “Isaiah Reid’s” nightly homilies on the subject of heart purity, and the favor the Lord gave those messages with the audience (the videos of which should be posted over the next few months)
  • The late nights of fellowship, mostly outdoors in unbelievably perfect Iowa weather, with some of the loveliest saints this side of  heaven — Evangelist Hal Daigre, Cyril and Jan McKay and their family, Kevin and Esther Brown, Dr. Philip Speas, Rev. & Mrs. Don Thurman

I could go on at length, but I’m pinched for time.  In three days I board a plane for Costa Rica, another missions trip for teaching pastors.  After that — more ministry in northern Virginia, a trip to Romania in October (nearly 10,000 more miles, teaching more pastors!), and suddenly there’s the possibility of a December trip to India (another 18,000 miles, many more pastors!) on the horizon.  Thanks for praying, caring, giving, and listening!

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Depending on events in Costa Rica, I may come back with an interview or two.  I’d love for you to hear the hearts of these servants of God!


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{ 4 comments… add one }
  • Keith July 23, 2012, 10:29 pm

    Hello Jim,

    Welcome back. I kept checking, almost daily, for updates to your podcast on Stitcher Radio and was excited this evening to see a new episode posted. Thanks for blessing us with your recounting of some of the events and people of your recent trip.
    Please keep up the great work with the KOW Bible Study. I searched in vain for a real Bible study ( and not just recycled sermons ) podcast and almost couldn’t believe my ears when I started listening to you and the quality of your presentation and teaching.

    Looking forward to upcoming studies. Along with my regular Bible reading, I’m reading Tozer’s “The Pursuit of God” and your teaching is a great compliment to that work.

    In Him,

    Keith Mitchell

    • Jim Kerwin July 24, 2012, 8:01 am

      Dear Keith,

      Thanks for all the kind and encouraging words! They are a great way for me to start a day of packing and last-minute errands. BTW, thanks for letting me know about hearing us on Stitcher. It’s helpful to keep track of the various means of distribution.

      Lord willing, the podcast be back on a regular schedule in August. There is so much amazing stuff still to cover in 1 John!



  • Glen Steinson July 31, 2012, 12:04 am

    Hi Jim,

    I know you’ll be getting back on track soon with the regular study and the discussion will touch on the anti-christ. Just doing some late night reading again in Psalms and covered chapters 46 through 60.

    As I read verses 20 & 21 in chapter 55, I thought ‘there’s that deceiver mentioned again’. Even David, through the Spirit, wrote of his terrible deeds. His evil reign will be short lived! Our God reigns!

    • Jim Kerwin July 31, 2012, 8:22 am

      Hello from Costa Rica, Glen! I’m looking forward to new installments of your Stewardship Weekly as well…

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