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Help Through Your Other Online Purchases

Every Little Bit Helps!

If you’ve been on the Internet for any time at all, you will have encountered sites with affiliate programs.  These affiliate relationships help the websites by providing a means of funding.  If you buy products (that you were going to buy anyhow) through the site’s affiliate link, the company from which you buy the product gives a portion of the purchase price to the affiliate organization.  The great thing is, it doesn’t affect the purchase price at all.


In our affiliate relationship with Amazon.com, Amazon offers to give us at least 4% of the purchase price of everything purchased whenever someone comes to their site through our affiliate link.  Click this link to help Finest of the Wheat Teaching Fellowship through your Amazon.com purchases.  And thank you!

Barnes & Noble (B&N.com)

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Barnes & Noble also offers us a similar affiliate relationship and commission on everything they sell (with the exception of greeting cards and, from what we can tell, e-books) whenever someone purchases products after coming through our B&N affiliate link.  Please click this link to help Finest of the Wheat Teaching Fellowship through your Barnes & Noble purchases.icon Once again, thank you!

Legal stuff:

  1. No, this in no way means that either Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble makes any endorsement of our ministry. And,
  2. No, this doesn’t mean that any portion of your purchases is tax deductible.