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Finest of the Wheat Publications and Other Books

Finest of the Wheat Publications

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“And Joseph Was Brought Down…” by Jim Kerwin

Cover of the book 'And Joseph Was Brought Down…' by Jim KerwinAvailable in e-book formats only

E-book only: All 99¢: Kindle, Nook, and Kobo

Synopsis: Do you feel beaten down and forsaken, like God has forgotten you in your trials? Are you discouraged because it seems like the promises you received from the Lord, the ministry to which He has called you, the dream of service that He put into your heart—that all of it has vanished without a trace, and God is nowhere to be found?

You may be right on schedule in God’s timetable for your life and ministry. Welcome to “the Joseph Experience”! This book will shine a ray of hope into your darkness. Its message may surprise you, but it will also comfort and encourage you. You aren’t alone—you’re on the same painful path to fruitfulness that has been trod by Joseph in Egypt and many other Old and New Testament believers—and even the Lord Jesus Himself.

In “And Joseph Was Brought Down…” Jim Kerwin offers a message we rarely hear nowadays, but which is solidly scriptural, and important if you want to go deeper in your relationship with Jesus Christ. Along the way, you’ll learn the important spiritual principle of “the Genesis 38 Effect”—and you’ll learn how not to be doctored by “the Bible Bandaid Brigade.” It’s all here in this 9th booklet of the Kernels of Wheat Bible Study Singles Series.

The Sevenfold Holy Spirit by Rev. Percy Gutteridge

Cover of the book 'The Sevenfold Holy Spirit' by Percy GutteridgeAvailable in e-book formats only

E-book only: All 99¢Kindle, Nook, and Kobo

Synopsis: Why is the Holy Spirit called “the seven Spirits of God” in the Book of Revelation? Why is He depicted as seven lamps of fire? Why is He shown as seven eyes? There aren’t seven Spirits of God; and yet the Book mentions seven Spirits. But if there is only the one Holy Spirit, then why is He called seven Spirits?

It is because God is coming down to our human level to reveal to us who the Holy Spirit is. In this insightful Bible study Pastor Percy Gutteridge gives a clear exposition of the “seven Spirits of God,” explaining the nature and work of the Holy Spirit in a practical way. Each of the seven perfect manifestations of God, the Holy Spirit, are revealed from the Scriptures. The Sevenfold Holy Spirit will introduce you to some of the many pictures God has in His Word to help us understand the ministry of the Third Person of the Trinity.

This is booklet #8 in the Kernels of Wheat Bible Study Singles series.

Who Was the Angel of the LORD? by Jim Kerwin

Cover of the book 'Who Was the Angel of the LORD?' by Jim KerwinAvailable in e-book formats only

E-book only: All 99¢: Kindle, Nook, and Kobo

Synopsis: Certain individuals in the Old Testament saw God — and they lived to tell about it. Yet John insists, “No man has seen God at any time” (John 1:18); and God warned Moses, “You cannot see My face, for no man can see Me and live!” (Exodus 33:20) A contradiction? How is this possible? To answer these questions, we must look to a unique being called the Angel of the LORD.

Was he Gabriel? No. Michael? Not even close! Vastly more powerful than any rank of angelic being, the Angel of the LORD personally represented God Himself.

But who was the Angel of the LORD? What was his identity and why was he unique? Jim Kerwin provides us with a fascinating and thorough Bible study on this powerful and mysterious being from the Old Testament. Along the way, you’ll pick up several valuable “tools” for understanding the Old Testament. And you’ll come to some surprising insights on how the Bible uses the word “angel.” The logical progression of biblical evidence will bring the reader to what may be a surprising answer to the question posed — Who Was the Angel of the LORD?

This is booklet #7 in the Kernels of Wheat Bible Study Singles series.

The Holy Way by Isaiah Reid

Cover of the book 'The Holy Way' by Isaiah Reid from Finest of the Wheat PublishingCurrently available in e-book formats only

E-book only: $2.99. Kindle, Nook, and Kobo

It’s a good thing that a growing number of Christians are discontent in their spirits, seeking the Lord, searching the Scriptures, looking for something beyond the shallowness of status-quo Christianity, something beyond the empty hype that characterizes “worship” services, something that draws them closer to their Beloved. Such restlessness can be the first thaw on the way to the springtime of personal revival.

If this resonates with you, it’s not a surprise to God. A better way has always been in His heart, and He has made provision for it. That better way is what Isaiah Reid calls “the holy way.” His book “The Holy Way” is a signpost pointing the way to that “something” that so many feel is missing — a heart close to God, full of love, and freed from indwelling Sin. The book delivers what it promises: it is a short, clear, concise overview of the heart-experience of entire sanctification, its Scriptural basis, and, very practically, how to obtain the blessing of this “holy way” from God.

This is the first book in the Passion, Purity, and Power series.

Our Great Savior God by Rev. Percy Gutteridge

Cover of the book 'Our Great Savior God' by Rev. Percy Gutteridge from Finest of the Wheat PublishingAvailable in e-book formats only

E-book only: All 99¢: Kindle, Nook, and Kobo

Synopsis: In Our Great Savior God, Pastor Percy Gutteridge presents one of the New Testament’s clearest declarations — the Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ, as well as His role as Creator. Ranging from the mind-boggling immensity of our universe to the amazing life forces at work within the microscopic amoeba, Percy opens our eyes to the expansiveness of God’s amazing creation. But he doesn’t stop at the awesomeness of the Logos, the Second Person of the Trinity — Jesus — as the Creator; he poses a challenging thought for every child of God: If the One who wields such omnipotence in creation truly dwells within us, then He is a Savior capable of bringing us into FULL salvation — saving our souls and hearts even from Sin itself.

If our great Savior God, “whose love is as great as His power,” who gives not out of His riches, but “according to His riches in glory” (you’ll know the difference between the two after reading!), is the one in whom you’ve put your trust, then His purposes for you, and His power in your behalf, are far bigger than you realize.

Your perception and understanding of the power of your Savior will be enlarged when you read Our Great Savior God.

This is booklet #6 in the Kernels of Wheat Bible Study Singles series.

Circumcision: God’s Picture of Sanctification by Jim Kerwin

Cover of the book 'Circumcision: God's Picture of Sanctification'Available in e-book formats only

E-book only: All 99¢: Kindle, Nook, and Kobo

Synopsis: Sanctification? The concept is hazy to the typical man or woman in the pew today. The average Christian has encountered God’s command, “Be holy, for I am holy”; but having no clear definition, he or she doesn’t know how to go about becoming holy. It’s hard for many to form a picture of the goal God has in mind.

A picture? God knows about pictures! As a loving heavenly Father dealing with His children (and the most “mature” among us is still a child in spiritual understanding), He knows that children learn from pictures. So in the Old Testament, God paints many pictures to give us insight and understanding into His ways and His truth. Bible teachers call those pictures “types” or “patterns,” and among Father’s numerous illustrations, there are several that depict the process by which we can become holy (that is, “sanctified”).

The New Testament frequently refers to one of God’s Old Testament pictures of holiness – the rite of circumcision. As Bible teacher Jim Kerwin unfolds this “type” or picture, we gain a glimpse into the heart and mind of the Holy One and His plan, purpose, and provision for the believer’s sanctification. You’ll come away with a much clearer picture of how to “be holy as God is holy” as you read Circumcision: God’s Picture of Sanctification.

This is booklet #4 in the Kernels of Wheat Bible Study Singles series.

Earth’s Most Powerful Preacher by Rev. Percy Gutteridge

Cover of the book 'Earth's Most Powerful PreacherAvailable in e-book formats only

E-book only: All 99¢: Kindle, Nook, and Kobo

Synopsis: “Who is the most powerful preacher that God has ordained on earth?” A human being? Not a chance! None of today’s famous evangelists or ministers has the worldwide audience or impact of God’s sovereign choice.

God’s preacher has a message both undeniable and irresistible. Earth’s most powerful preacher speaks a truth that no human being can resist, no matter his or her beliefs. Go on a journey of discovery with Pastor Percy Gutteridge and learn the identity of Earth’s Most Powerful Preacher—before you meet him in person (and you will)!

This is booklet #3 in the Kernels of Wheat Bible Study Singles series.

That Treasure Trove of Truth
Thoughts on “Hark! The Herald-Angels Sing!”
by Jim Kerwin

Cover of the book 'That Treasure Trove of Truth'Available in e-book formats only

E-book only: All 99¢: Kindle, Nook, and Kobo

Synopsis: Ah, the Christmas season! Part of what makes it memorable is the music, especially the Christmas carols and their message. Often, even non-Christians know the words; but almost as often, even Christians don’t fully understand their meaning. These Christmas lyrics are often jam-packed full of Biblical allusions, prophecies, and the wonder of God’s work among men.

Take Charles Wesley’s famous carol “Hark! The Herald-Angels Sing” as an example. If the TV game show “Jeopardy” included snippets from this Christmas song in its “Bible” category, how would you fare when confronted with such phrases as:

  • Second Adam from above?
  • Veiled in flesh the Godhead see?
  • Sun of Righteousness?
  • The woman’s conquering seed?

Bible teacher Jim Kerwin unwraps this blessing-laden carol line by line like a glorious Christmas present, connecting the dots to Bible passages from Genesis through the New Testament. It’s all here to savor and enjoy in this Christmas devotional he calls “That Treasure Trove of Truth: Thoughts on ‘Hark! The Herald-Angels Sing!’”

This is booklet #5 in the Kernels of Wheat Bible Study Singles series.

The Gospel of the Glory by Rev. Percy Gutteridge

Cover of the book 'The Gospel of the Glory' by Percy GutteridgeAvailable in e-book formats only

E-book only: All 99¢Kindle, Nook, and Kobo

Synopsis: What is the Gospel of Jesus Christ? It’s not just a simple statement that Christ Jesus came and died upon a cross that all your sins might be forgiven. The Gospel is not just the good news that at last we don’t have to go to hell, but can go to heaven. The Gospel can be summed up in one word—Jesus!

The Gospel is that “the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world,” is here to baptize us in the Holy Ghost; that God Himself, Who is with us, might be in us; and that each of us, by His indwelling, might be transformed into the image of His Son. The Son of God came to bring “many sons unto glory.” In fact, that very phrase, “to bring many sons unto glory,” reveals the gospel — the Gospel of the Glory. The gospel is that God has put the glory back, the glory that man’s sin took away.

What is the glory of God? What was the glory of man? Percy Gutteridge unfolds the answers to these and other questions in this Kernels of Wheat Bible Study Single entitled, The Gospel of the Glory.

This is booklet #1 in the Kernels of Wheat Bible Study Singles series.

The Rejected Blessing by Jim Kerwin

Cover of the book 'The Rejected Blessing' by Jim KerwinAvailable in paperback and e-book formats

Paperback: $5.99 (released 10/5/12)
E-book: All $2.99: Kindle, Nook, Kobo (all available now)

Why is it that the Pentecostal movement today lacks the power of its Azusa Street roots? What teaching served as the foundation of the Azusa Street Revival, and how is it that most Pentecostals repudiated that foundation less than six years after the revival began?

In this all-too-true tale, you’ll discover larger-than-life – and flawed – men of God, scandalous animosity among Christian brothers, and a contentious prayer challenge in what could be described as a game of spiritual “Russian roulette.” All this played into the seismic shift which shortly occurred within Pentecostalism.

This ground-breaking look at the nexus of the Holiness and Pentecostal movements explains how one of God’s special works of grace became The Rejected Blessing.

That Uncomfortable Word—Conviction! by Jim Kerwin

Cover of the book 'That Uncomfortable Word--Conviction!Available in e-book formats only

E-book only: All 99¢Kindle, Nook, and Kobo

Synopsis: There are words many North American Christians hardly use any more, God-given concepts, Bible words, which are sacrificed upon the trendy, feel-good altars of “expediency,” “relevance,” and “success.” That uncomfortable word, conviction, falls into this category.

What is conviction? Conviction of sin? Conviction of truth? Do you know that conviction is the Holy Spirit’s chief means of preparing the heart of a man or woman for salvation in Jesus Christ? Do you know how the Holy Spirit brings conviction about? What tools He uses to accomplish conviction? Do you know how to cooperate with Him in this work?

This helpful study in the Scriptures, written by Bible teacher Jim Kerwin, answers those questions, putting the Spirit’s convicting work into context and perspective. After reading this concise treatment, you’ll have a much better appreciation for God’s preparatory work in the heart and for That Uncomfortable Word—Conviction!

This is booklet #2 in the Kernels of Wheat Bible Study Singles series.

Faith Is Substance by Percy Gutteridge

Cover of the book 'Faith Is Substance' by Percy GutteridgeAvailable in paperback

Paperback: $12.95

When Pastor Percy Gutteridge’s book Faith Is Substance made its debut in 1975, its truths laid a solid foundation in many believers which stood the test of time, and kept them from the foolishness, fads, and fanaticism that are so often associated with the subject of “faith.”

With its solid, deep, uncompromising Bible teaching, full of Pastor Gutteridge’s down-to-earth, “Holy Ghost common sense,” the book’s message is needed more than ever today.

This centennial edition, celebrating what would have been Pastor Gutteridge’s 100th birthday, is edited and annotated by Jim and Denise Kerwin. Currently, profits from the online sale of this book are designated for one of Pastor’s favorite charitable outreaches, Foundation for His Ministry, Inc. (See www.ffhm.org.)

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