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Introducing “The Holy Way” by Isaiah Reid

The Holy Way by Isaiah Reid

Cover of the book 'The Holy Way' by Isaiah Reid from Finest of the Wheat PublishingCurrently available in e-book formats only

It’s a good thing that a growing number of Christians are discontent in their spirits, seeking the Lord, searching the Scriptures, looking for something beyond the shallowness of status-quo Christianity, something beyond the empty hype that characterizes “worship” services, something that draws them closer to their Beloved. Such restlessness can be the first thaw on the way to the springtime of personal revival.

If this resonates with you, it’s not a surprise to God. A better way has always been in His heart, and He has made provision for it. That better way is what Isaiah Reid calls “the holy way.” His book “The Holy Way” is a signpost pointing the way to that “something” that so many feel is missing — a heart close to God, full of love, and freed from indwelling Sin. The book delivers what it promises: it is a short, clear, concise overview of the heart-experience of entire sanctification, its Scriptural basis, and, very practically, how to obtain the blessing of this “holy way” from God.

The Holy Way first debuted in 1892, and due to its popularity and usefulness, it went through at least three American editions and two British editions. Altogether, it enjoyed a nearly thirty-year run. It has been a labor of love to update the formatting, add the annotations and appendices for modern readers, and to make this helpful title available again.

Lord willing, this title represents the first book in the Passion, Purity, and Power series.

E-book only: $2.99. Available for Kindle, Nook, and Kobo.


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