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B004 – The “Pilgrim’s Progress” Interview

Jim & Denise in the Hot Seat

Jim Kerwin, Denise Kerwin, and Ray GreenleyJim & Denise Kerwin and Ray Greenley in the WAVA-AM studio

We had been on National Prayer Chapel‘s Pilgrim’s Progress radio program for three days (July 23-25, 2013) when on the fourth day the host, Pastor Ray Greenley, decided to shift focus and interview us about our backgrounds, our ministry, our recent Guatemala trip, and our planned trip to Romania.  Then he did something he doesn’t even do for his own broadcast — he asked listeners to call in and pledge funds.  (A few folks did just that.)  That 800-number won’t work for our podcast listeners or website visitors, but the “Donate” button over at the right of the screen will, for those of you who feel led.

Thank you, brother Ray, for the opportunity to share our hearts and for challenging us to share the need!

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…so thanks to those of you with Facebook accounts who have visited our Finest of the Wheat Facebook page, helping our ministry by spreading the word about these faithful pastors and leaders among whom we’re privileged to minister. Visit the page at Facebook.com/FinestOfTheWheat. (KernelsOfWheat.com/facebook will get you there, too.)

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