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B001 – Interview with Roy Olsen of Apa Vie Ministries, Romania

Introducing and Reporting:

Roy & Melania Olsen of Apa Vie MinistriesRoy & Melania Olsen

It’s my great privilege and delight to share with you an interview I did with Rev. Roy Olsen of Apa Vie Ministries in Pestere, Caras-Severin, Romania. I spent over half a month with Roy and his godly and sweet Romanian wife, Melania, last October. Apa Vie (“Living Water” in Romanian) and the work the Olsens are doing deserve to be better known. And this gives me a chance to report back to you who prayed and gave and made that ministry trip possible and so successful. Consider this an audio “thank you!”

Concise Overview of My Ministry Time in Romania:

  • Led a day-long pastor’s conference  at the Ape Vie retreat center in Pestere on the subject of mentoring.
  • Taught on two successive Friday mornings at the Baptist Bible Institute in Timisoara.
  • Preached and taught at churches in Maciova Colonie, Carasebes, Alba Iulia, Resita, and Bocso.
  • Spent numerous hours with pastors in their homes and apartments, listening to their challenges, asking them questions, answering their questions, and growing rich in our fellowship together.
  • Such was the blessing of God on the teaching, preaching, and personal interaction that the “welcome mat” is out for my return this year.
  • Enjoyed numerous hours with Roy and Melania Olsen, catching the vision for their Apa Vie Ministries.
  • Didn’t take any time to “do the tourist thing.”  (Maybe next time?)

Find Out More About Apa Vie Ministries:

Apa Vie has temporarily lost its website in the aftermath of losing its volunteer webmaster. Roy and Melania are looking for another volunteer who can help them re-start and maintain their website. If you can minister in that way, please contact Roy at the address below.  Meantime, find out more about Apa Vie by:

Quick Update on Guatemala:

I don’t want to take too much away from this podcast’s focus on Romania, so I’ll just say:

  • Lord willing and providing, I am returning to Guatemala in six weeks, and Denise will be joining me for ministry there in ten weeks. See this week’s newsletter for more information (and sign up here if you want to receive a copy).
  • If you haven’t read my blog post Inspired by a Bookcase yet, it will provide an encouraging update on what God is doing among the pastors in Guatemala.


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