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Jim Kerwin’s Itinerary

Jim’s Itinerary & Schedule

Lord willing, Jim has committed to the following ministry engagements and projects:

  • March 29: Visit Mountain Mission School, Grundy, Virginia
  • March 30-31: Kentucky Mountain Bible College (with Denise Kerwin)
    • 30: Afternoon: Share in the “Advancing the Indigenous Church” class. Informal get-together with students later in the day.
    • 31: Speak at Friday morning chapel service (streamed at 09:20 EDT on the KMBC chapel webpage)
  • May 2017:
    • 8-17: Nicaragua [with LendAHand Mission Teams]
      • 9-12: Quilalí: Leaders’ conference at Luz y Vida AoG Church
      • 13-16: Ocotal: Baptist leaders’ conference
    • 18-31: Guatemala
      • 22-24: Antigua: Teaching conference for ISPI pastors and leaders (with Denise Kerwin)
  • Summer 2017: Romania? Czech Republic? Honduras?
  • October 2017: Perú [~October 16-November 5, TBD](with Denise Kerwin)
  • June 10-15, 2018Iowa Holiness Association
    • Jim is the IHA Camp Meeting Bible Teacher for the week
    • Rumor also has it that Isaiah Reid will appear again in the evening meetings

Other trips are under prayerful consideration; but any dates not specifically mentioned above may be considered “open.”  Please contact us for more information.