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“Our Great Savior God”–In Print

Percy and Ruth Gutteridge

Percy and Ruth Gutteridge in John and Ann Gutteridge's garden. (Photo courtesy of John and Gutteridge)

Sometimes, with the help of volunteer transcribers, we are blessed to be able to share Percy Gutteridge’s messages in written form.  So it is with the most recent message from our Grains from Gutteridge podcast.  Percy’s daughter-in-law (one might better describe her as an “adopted daughter”), Ann Gutteridge, labored long and lovingly to give us a transcript of Our Great Savior God, which Denise and I have edited and annotated.

You’ll find the article, Our Great Savior God, over at the FinestOfTheWheat.org website, where Ann also contributed another transcript for one of last year’s articles–The Supernatural Character of New Testament Christianity.

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