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“The Rejected Blessing” Goes Digital

We’ve been hard at work, laying the foundation to take our teaching assets and move them into the digital age.  Last year about this time, we improved the delivery of our audio messages by starting the Kernels of Wheat and Grains from Gutteridge podcasts.

But what about all the Bible-teaching articles over at FinestOfTheWheat.org?  Well, starting with our most popular book, The Rejected Blessing, we’re beginning to reach out to e-book readers.  TRB, as we call it around here, is now available for purchase for $2.99 for Amazon.com Kindle readers, as well as Barnes & Noble Nook readers.

As always, TRB is also available for free at FinestOfTheWheat.org.  Because of licensing stipulations, the online version lacks the photos of the book editions; but other than those, and the omission of Dr. Vinson Synan’s foreword for the book, the text, notes, and bibliography are all there to read, print off, and study.  Why would we tell you that?  Because we’re not as interested in selling books as we are in getting the message of The Rejected Blessing out to as many Christians as possible.

By the way, we expect the print version of this second edition of The Rejected Blessing to be available before the end of September.

P.S.: If there are any e-book lovers who would prefer to see TRB available in the Apple iBook store or as a Google Play book, please drop us a comment below.

P.P.S.: Many thanks to Brother Murry Whiteman of www.MWArt.net for his new, eye-popping cover for this second edition of TRB!

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  • Deni August 28, 2012, 1:47 pm

    Give yourself a treat, and read this fascinating and eye-opening story!

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