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Another Woodbridge Visit

Overview map of the Washington, DC area.

Click on the map for the meeting location and time.

Pastor Ray Greenley called this evening and has asked me to speak at The National Prayer Chapel in Woodbridge, Virginia again this Wednesday evening, September 28, at 7:30 PM. I hope to see many of you NPC members at this mid-week meeting.  For others of you who will be visiting, see this map link for location details.

I always enjoy meeting with the saints at NPC, but this visit will be special.  Lord willing, this week Pastor Ray and I will be laboring together Tuesday through Thursday to launch “Rev. 2.0” of the National Prayer Chapel website, complete with videocasts, podcasts, and regular blogs.  We’ll probably burn a lot of midnight oil, but the end result will be a quantum leap beyond the current site.

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