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Happy Birthday, Percy Gutteridge!

Photo of Rev. Percy Gutteridge

Percy Gutteridge

One of my two fathers in the Lord, Pastor P.H.P. (“Percy”) Gutteridge, was born this day, September 26th, in 1909.  I was speaking with my friend Brian Fettes from Calgary, Alberta, today, and we both marveled that Percy has been in the presence of Jesus for thirteen years already.

Some of my readers knew Percy well; others, not at all (except perhaps through his writings found on FinestOfTheWheat.org and his audios both there and on this site in the Grains from Gutteridge podcast).  An overview of his life is told by his son and daughter-in-law, John and Ann Gutteridge, in their Brief Timeline of the Life of P.H.P. Gutteridge.  Another son, Peter, relates some humorous and poignant anecdotes in “Snapshots” from a Son’s Memories.

Cover of Faith Is Substance (Centennial Edition)

The cover of "Faith Is Substance" (Centennial Edition) by Rev. Percy Gutteridge

It’s hard to believe that it has been two years already since we celebrated the centennial of Percy’s birth by releasing a new edition of his book, Faith Is Substance.  It is, bar none, the best book on faith I have read in my 43 years as a Christian (not counting the Bible, of course!). All the book’s chapters can be read freely online, starting with the Foreword by Dr. Robert Frost.  Or, if you’re one of those folks who prefers to skip over forewords and introductions, jump right into Chapter One, The Author and Foundation of Faith.  If online reading isn’t your “thing,” a paperback version can be purchased online, and all profits from online sales of the book go to one of Pastor Gutteridge’s favorite missions, Foundation for His Ministry, Inc.

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  • Rick Lindsey November 3, 2013, 5:51 pm

    I spent a weekend at a men’s retreat with Percy in 1978 or 79.
    Today, we spoke of saints in our lives and I thought of Percy.
    Tonight I speak and my message will be my walk with the Lord…and the man that touched me.


    • Jim Kerwin November 3, 2013, 10:14 pm

      Many of us feel exactly the same way about Pastor Gutteridge and his ministry. I first heard him in August 1969 during a week of camp in Yosemite Valley, and we saw him several times a year after that (at our own church, Camp Seeley, Sky Valley, at his home in B.C., etc), until 1985, when my wife and I moved from Southern California. We’re feel very privileged to have been entrusted with making PHPG’s teaching available to a new generation.

  • Anita September 12, 2014, 4:13 pm

    In the late 1960’s, Pastor Gutteridge came to the church I was attending in Glendale, Ca. for meetings. I can’t recall all that he taught, but clearly remember that he was a very exceptional teacher of the Word. He opened my mind regarding heaven, and to that which awaits the saints when we will rule and reign with Christ. It certainly wasn’t what I had been taught prior to his anointed teaching. I recall that I could not wait for our next teaching session. He was so very friendly and loving and had a very hardy handshake, which I also recall. I could have sat at his feet forever and learned. A truly anointed father in the faith, and I will never forget him.

    • Jim Kerwin September 13, 2014, 7:49 pm

      Hi, Anita! Your experience sounds similar to mine. I may have heard Pastor Gutteridge first in Costa Mesa, California at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church. However, I DEFINITELY remember having him as the speaker at a week-long youth camp on the floor of Yosemite Valley in August 1969. And our relationship grew from there. He visited our small fellowships at least yearly, and often stayed in our home. I am grateful to God for his friendship, ministry, and guidance over the years, and I am humbled that we are allowed to be the channel through which his ministry continues to touch folks like you.

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