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B006 – The Smokey Row Interview

The Smokey Row Interview
with Steve, Kelly, and Nick Solheim

Steve & Kelly Solheim being interviewed at the Smokey Row Café in Oskaloosa, IowaSteve & Kelly Solheim
with World Gospel Mission

In this podcast, we interview Steve and Kelly and Nick Solheim of World Gospel Mission.  They’re discovering their support so that they can return to their assignments at Escuela El Sembrador (School of the Sower) in Honduras.

The story of how they wound up on the mission field will open your eyes and make you look at yourself differently in the mirror.  They went from never having met a missionary of any sort in person, to finding themselves on the mission field in record time; yet they’re the most “normal,” down-to-earth middle-class couple you’ll ever meet.  Denise and I were taken by how “real” they were all week at the Iowa Holiness Association camp meeting in June.  (You’ll find some links to an online picture album of our week at camp at the bottom of this blog post.)  We felt that the Lord wanted us to share their story.

Team Solheim Links

You’ll learn a fair bit about Steve and Kelly and Nick (Team Solheim as they call themselves) in the audio.  But here are important links to pursue as you get to know them better (and as you consider whether the Lord would have you to share in their monthly support):

Bonus Video: Go and Make Disciples

Just as I was putting the shownotes together today, Kelly e-mailed me a link to their new video. It’s well done, and way too good not to share.

One More Link

Denise put together a small photo album of Iowa Holiness Association camp meeting highlights.

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