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B011 – Why Romania?

Why Romania? [Alternate Title: Mutiny on the Podcast]

Pastor Marius Apopi translates for Bible teacher Jim KerwinRomanian Pastor Marius Apopi (left) translates for Bible teacher Jim Kerwin

This episode’s rearranged cast:

  • Host: Jim Kerwin
  • Co-Host: Denise Kerwin
  • Guest Co-Host: Al Strickland (remember him from last episode, 50 Years? What’s Your Secret?)
  • Guest: Jim Kerwin (who wants to know: Is this a demotion or a promotion? And is he still re­spon­sible for audio editing and writing the show­notes, or does Denise have to do it?)

Al’s Short Report on His Guatemala Recent Trip

Lord willing, the second-story construction on the Coatepeque church (the one pastored by Fermin and Lilian Chávez) can commence in March 2014.

Fermin ChávezGuatemalan Pastor Fermin Chávez tightens the knots of friendship.

Jim Kerwin Responds to the Question “Why Romania?”

During a year’s time (October 15, 2012 to October 15, 2013), Jim has spent over five weeks in Romania, trying to get a sense of what God is doing, and finding ways to serve the Church there.  During the interview he shares some thoughts and experiences:

  • The strategic location of Romania – at the crossroads of Europe (where the Gospel has fallen on hard times) and a corner of the 10/40 Window.
  • The Economic Diaspora of Romania: In a country of 23 million people, over 6 million have fanned out across Europe seeeking employment.  In a sense, the result is similar to what happened to the early Church because of the first persecution (Acts 7-8). Romanian churches are being raised up in many European countries. If Romania catches fire…
  • The blessings of establishing friendships and personal relationships with leaders
  • Seminars for ongoing education for pastors and leaders, like the Conference on Mentoring we did in 2012 or the Power of Forgiveness Conferences in 2013
  • The importance of including children when it comes to training and Bible teaching

You can view Jim’s Romania 2013 Photo Album by clicking on the picture just above. And a short video clip from the outdoor funeral service he mentions can be viewed below.

Upcoming Interviews from Romania

  1. Pastor Teofil Ciartuz from Grace Baptist Church in Lugoj.  While Romania was still under Communism, Brother Teofil attended clandestine Bible classes during his university days. He shares the story of how he left his teaching career and entered the ministry, how God provided for his theological education, and how the Lord led him back to Romania to serve.
  2. Ruben and Karen Popet, founders of Beraca Foundation Orphanage in Jdioara.  File this one in the “God’s Sense of Humor” folder.  A record-setting 6′-2″ American college basketball center with a heart for missions in Eastern Europe marries a lucky Romanian fellow with a heart for abandoned and at-risk Romanian children. Ruben, Karen, Beraca, and the kids – a three-point swoosh!
  3. An exciting update from Roy Olsen on the work at Apa Vie Ministries in Pestere. You may remember Roy from the KernelsOfWheat.com/b1 interview — but a LOT has happened since then!

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