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May 2012 Newsletter – Guatemala or Bust!

Guatemala or Bust!

Flag of Guatemala

Flag of Guatemala

There’s not much time to write this.  In 29 hours, Al Strickland is going to be loading me and my suitcases into his SUV, so that I can get to Norfolk International Airport by 5 AM.  About an hour after that, the sun will rise here on the East Coast, and by 7 AM my Delta flight should be “wheels up” and nosing toward Atlanta.  Assuming that flight arrives on time, I’ll have just 75 minutes to catch the flight to Guatemala City, which leaves at 10:10 EDT.

Our prayer requests for trip, along with a bit of other info, is contained in this month’s newsletter.  If you received a copy in your e-mail inbox, then great; you need not read further.  But the entire newsletter and its contents are below, conveying our thanks and gratitude to those of you who have prayed and given.  I will post here and on Facebook as I am able during the twelve nights I’m away.

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